Dana Amir

usually- Israel. at the moment- Asia

Hey :)

DANA is dancing, singing, expressing, exploring, connecting, sharing, helping, guiding, overcoming, assitst others to overcome, and mostly trying to make an truly beneficial impact.

I Served at "8200" unit of the Israeli intelligence corps.
There I lead an amazing team, and together we have revealed new levels of information access and even helped understanding some mysterious issues :)

Since about high school, I started volunteering in guiding underprivilaged slums teenagers to become responsible social leaders and lead their communities into more beneficial, involved communities.

I loved to take part of that progress- so I descided to take a gap year to volunteer in this kind of social work before joining the IDF.

That work gave me a pure feeling of happiness and satissfaction- and from that moment I knew that the true meaning of life is helping others- making them happy.

Right now im in my journey in Asia. It is a cultural, philosophical, self exploration adventure and a quest for truth behind stereotypes of poverty, struggles and exploitation in Asia.
With each step I learn greatly more about reality, myself and my ambition to make an impact.

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