Trisha Toledo

T R I S H A is the Name. :) But people call me: Trish, Trisha, Toledo, Toleds, Odelot, Ish, Dann, Danielle. (Layo sa pangalan ko yung dalawa. Lol) 13 of Age. October 02, 1997- I got out from the womb. Incoming Junior Student. Well.. =))) I was born to be loved, and to Love and to be Somebody on Someones Eyes. I Light up in the sky. -May pagka'VAIN. -Makulet. :P -Matalinong Tanga -Minsan, baliw. =)) -Minsan Maganda. Minsan Panget. :> -Minsan Masipag. Minsan Tamad. :D I'm a Christian. I have Christ in my Heart and I will Live Eternally. I am proud to say that I AM A BAPTIST. I'm 10%Moody I'm 15% Strict I'm 20% Silent I'm 45% Funny I'm 80% Friendly I'm 92% Happy I'm 95% Music Lover I'm 100%Saved Sinner I AM SAVED TO SERVE.