anzel abdul kareem

Consultant in Saudi Arabia

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That is my official name.

And I don’t know what people think of me..So what I can say is only “I DON’T CARE”, would you mind it? ..Again, I Don’t Care! I hate people who act like over smart,I take lot of time to adjust with peoples .its might be a drawback ,

I don’t underestimate anyone. I don't care about others . And I can forgive the person who kills


leave it. I love to live with my friends and for

friendship I don’t consider their any previous achievements. I love all those

who feel comfortable with me and

who make me feel comfortable with

them… And I never ever go behind any

person who

don’t like my attitude and don’t want to be my friend..

I forgive people soon, as I feel this life

as too short and have no time to keep

on proving others as wrong and we

the only perfect!.!