silence? perfect!

heya! im kyle, a 17 year old cis male. i currently live in minnesota. i currently am in a relationship with my adorable boyfriend! my kik is gargomon. ask me for my steam if you want to play tf2!

things i like! feel free to talk to me about them:

love live!



team fortress 2




hunter x hunter

cardcaptor sakura

uhh... that's about it! i don't have kins or the sort but i like when people tag me in pictures of anzu futaba (iDOLM@STER: cinderella girls). its completely optional though, even i don't do it much myself, heheh...

like my photos if you see them! i average a really low number of likes considering my follower amount and i try my best to like pictures, so please return the favor!

thanks for reading, hope we can be friends!