Andrew Ogborn

Richmond, Virginia, United States

My friends call me Drew.

I was born and raised in Bloomington Indiana, home of the Hoosiers. IU is also where I went to school to earn my degree in Tourism Management. I left the pre-med route because I felt that I could do better in other areas. This gave me more time to spend enjoying my college career.

I like to do almost anything that starts with the letter "C": cycling, caving, canoing, camping, chasing girls etc. I love the Beatles, Disney World, and being outside.

In 2012, after graduation, I was in Europe working at a military ski resort in Garmisch Germany, just south of Munich, in the Bavarian Alps. I spent that whole year travelling to 7 countries, 6 beer festivals, 5 castles, and about 20 cities. I miss Germany a lot but it's nice being back in the States.

I'm always looking for a better career but I'm not sure of in what field. I'm great with people and I'm highly organized. Sports, as well as business, are two things that interest me. I'm always open to new ideas.

  • Work
    • CBC Consulting
  • Education
    • Indiana University