Aoi Asahina

Artist and Editor in United States

Aoi Asahina

Artist and Editor in United States

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waddup it's ya boi Aoi! sorry that rhymed


before you follow my ig read this!!

name: Sam Ham ;)

gender: female (I guess)

sexuality: bi/poly

KINS: Aoi, Nozomi and Honoka

if ur kin with the following then haha bye

so apparently im an artist and editor ?????????????

um fuck that but i also really want to die and um yeah

warniNG!! if you're not a type of person that I will like then oops

types of people: gets annoying after a bit, talks about something that i don't like constantly, (aka yuri on ice) draws their self with a character from a show and calls it their 'otp', doesn't support gay rights, doesn't like pigs 😤😤😤, SUPPORTS RUBY X DIA (kys if you do), and that's about all.

so if you are one of those types please unfollow!! :)

thanks for reading bye