F. Aoki

Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

My name is Aoki a.k.a. Tomate.

I'm a 28 years visionary entrepreneur buddhist adman. I love music so much it has became my life, my work, my world.

I'm stubborn, insistent, hyperactive and accelerated.
I'm a terrible singer, but I can't stop singing.
I'm a lousy joker and I always have a joke to tell you.
I like challenges, routine makes me bored.
I disagree with the nine-to-five working routine. There is no time to work and be productive, I'm on 24/7.
I can be very creative in the kitchen but I hate tangerine and I can not stand beef liver.

This is me.

If you think it's worth talking to me just by reading about my faults, I will surprise you much more with my virtues.

I am the Executive Director of CALIBRE and I'm here to impress you.

Let me do it.

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    • Bachelor's Degree.
    • Social Communication
    • Publicity and Advertising