Smol Cookie

❄️Hello! In this place I'd like to be called Madoka :)

❄️First of all, meh kins:

Primary: Maika [vocaloid]

Secondary: Madoka Kaname [MM]

Nozomi Tojo [Love Live!]

Others: Aoki Lapis [vocaloid], Uni [vocaloid]

❄️My kins might change a bit too, or my primary might switch, I'm normally madoka but I rlly feel maika right now.

❄️I wouldn't really feel comfortable if you were kinned with Maika or Madoka b/c I'm kinda uncomfortable that way.

❄️If you get on my nerves, I'm gonna block you, don't act like it was not gonna happen

❄️I'll only soft block you if I don't want ya to follow me or I'm uncomfortable with kins

❄️I'm really quiet so I'm not gonna be super out to you about things

❄️ If you've read all of this dm me 'I'm cooler than you'

(probably a lie tho)