Angela Ondrisek


My great grandparents on my Dad's side came from Czechoslovakia back when it was still a country. I take pride in claiming my heritage, albeit how small the claim is.

My zodiac sign is Leo as my birthday is August 1, but I usually refer to myself as a "subdued Leo" because I do like attention and material things, but I wouldn't consider myself the life of the party by any means. I usually stick to friends who are more outgoing than I, people who do well in drawing out my inner Leo.

The truth is, I was born 10 days late (a testament to my stubbornness), causing me to be labeled a Leo, when in reality I was supposed to be a Cancer. I do not know if due dates affect your zodiac sign as opposed to actual birthdates, but I have read about Cancer's and I would say that it describes me almost to a T (about 98%).

When it comes to my personality, as depicted by the famous Mister Carl Jung, I am an INFP. This stands for introversion, intuition, feeling, and perception, meaning that I basically think alot, base decisions off emotion and feeling, and am very sporadic. Also I have the ability to get along with just about anybody, even if we disagree.

Some things that I love are art (creation and appreciation), reading, fashion, and the idea of being organized (because I am far too tired to actually do it). Some people call my sense of fashion "eclectic", "artsy", or "hipster", but I just call it being me. I've never wanted to fit into a mold, nor do I try to be unique. Quite plain and simply, I do what I like for no other reason than it pleases me.

Last, and most definitely not least, I am a mommy to an ever-loving yet challenging two year old little boy. His name is Aiden, and (not to sound cheesy, but I'm so going there) he totally rocks my world and gives me a new perspective on life.

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