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Aone House is a leading sanitary wares manufacturer in India offering high quality ceramic sanitary ware products to meet the residential as well as commercial sanitation requirements. The manufacturer designs sanitary ware products like ceramic wash basins, water closets and various bathroom accessories according to the best standards in the industry. A wide range of ceramic sanitary ware products in different designs, size, shapes and colors are provided at cost effective price at Aone House.

Water Closets

Water closets are important items in the house and some considerations to make before purchasing include the flushing power, ability to clean, water savings and the individual preferences. There are various designs of the sitting closets and squatting closets such as the bidet designs, Twy ford designs, and the S trap and P trap designs. Quality water closets can be found online where delivery and installation can be arranged with the supplier. Contact Aone Shop for more details on customized water closets in wholesale.