Aone Tech

Aone-Tech is a leading patent holding manufacturer of automobiles, electronic parts and medical devices in Korea. They offer wide range of cnc auto lathe machines and special bolts & nuts for cnc tubes, pipes and wires etc. They use latest technology to produce high quality product. Contact them for more details.

Founded in 1977 more than 38 years precision machining and cold forging .Also accumulated technology and know-how in the industry. Kia to Hyundai, GM, Toyota 2 car partners excellence to recognized that the quality and cost competitiveness.

Special Bolt. Special Nuts, Shaft, Nipple, Cap, Bushing, has Lead screw, producing Stainless steel work piece, the connector. Brakes, Seat, Cable, Electric Car, etc. Our products are being applied.

Only started in 1977 by precision machining business sector Hankil Walked. For equipment, products from field engineers. A deep understanding. Focused on details and on the basis of philosophy suggesting prevented the problem for more than 100 years longevity Companies and constantly striving to create a framework that Automotive sector sales in more than 90%. These severe price competition only automakers are primary suppliers to easily change the partners
If you supply a quality and price, because, in other industries
Relief is not that bad compared to the sales.

Sihwa Industrial Complex 1 Na 605, 1253-4, Jeongwang Dong, Siheung City, Kyunggi Do, South Korea
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