AON Giggz

AON Giggz

I'm Giggz of A.O.N one of the founding members of a Dj group in Barbados, aspiring entrepreneur Daring To Be Different #DTBD.

Also i'm the founder and CEO of YKS The Store which is one of my start up companies just aiming to bless the public with the option of being exclusive in every way possible and the best way i found to do that was through clothing. So feel free to check out YKS on facebook via if you are in #Barbados it makes shopping somewhat easier if you don't have a creditcard.

One of my future endeavours would be in Arts, but as I always say "Expect the unexpected" in your dreams, #DTBD.

Train Sacrifice Acheive, in everything you do you will have to sacrfice just be prepared for it because at the end of the day you WILL acheive your goals. #TSA

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