A.O.N [Ambitious Or Nothing]

A.O.N was born Hence Opoku in Ghana October 10, 1993. When he was 2, he later moved to Brooklyn, New York. He now resides in Chicago, IL. Aon is signed under Steeze Records. He is a 17-year old hip-hop artist on a quest to success, when he speaks the people listen! A.O.N is acronym for "Ambitious Or Nothing" which is a representation of his music and the message to all of his fans; to strive for the things you believe in. In the past year, he has been presented with some amazing opportunities, from gracing the stage with greats like Rita Marley (Bob Marley's wife) to the Dream and Ludacris at Usain Bolt’s concert in Jamaica.

He has maintained a substantial amount of buzz in the Midwest, Miami, New York, California, UK, Jamaica, Germany and Africa with his hit single "My Girl" feat Iyaz. His most recent release "Doin It Big" & soon to release collaboration with Wale “Haters Watch Me”. He will also be releasing Mix tape “Young World Volume 1” hosted by DJ Green Lantern and follow up mixtape A.O.N “Doing It Big” with the hit single “Pull U Hair” to be hosted by Bigga Rankin. Music has always been apart of A.O.N’s lifestyle.

His first musical influences growing up were his parents. His father was a musician and played the drums in a band and his mother was a songstress. Aon began to take his talent in music for more than just a hobby during his freshman year in high school. He began to focus on writing, recording, developing and improving his skills.

What sets him apart from other artist his age is his knowledge about the industry and his experiences. "I know certain things they wouldn’t expect an artist my age to know," says Aon. “Aon has the ability to produce fresh music and recycle hip-hop to addictive tracks you can’t help but to press play” raves Go Where Hip Hop. Some of his musical influences are Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley and 2Pac to name a few. "I like these artists style and I learn a lot from them," says A.O.N. His music appeals to all crowds and people from all walks of life.

Aon’s goal is to make music that his fans can relate to and really feel. "It’s important to connect to your listeners and your fans should be able to understand your music and have fun with it too," says A.O.N. Team A.O.N appreciates all of your supporters and he will be coming to a city near you soon!