Chaturong Ritthikarn

Bangkok Thailand

I am Chaturong Ritthikarn or also known in pen name as " Aood E Karn". I am a sophisticated photographer situated in the heart of the city of angel "Bangkok Metropolis", from the country of smile, Thailand. Taking pictures is not only my interest but Listening to various kinds of songs is also my passion. Every photo I captured reminds me every moment and event occurred in lifetime. I personally trust in arranging any trip helps everyone escaping from crowded for a while. Having journey is the best remedy to avoid any stress and relieve a frustrated mind. For me, Travelling to anywhere in this planet either abroad trip or domestic tour at least once a year can built inspiration, creativity and happiness. " Satisfaction leads to delightful, thus do what you love without disturbing others"

  • Work
    • self-employment
  • Education
    • Ph.D. from United Kingdom