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Ashley Osborne

Massachusetts, United States

I am currently a full time student with a passion for travel. I attend University in the state of Massachusetts, part of the grand old US of A. I've done my fair share of traveling around the states and have been lucky enough to study ecology and microbiology in Brazil and Colombia. At the end of December, I will begin my adventure abroad in the UK where I will be studying Biology at the University of Reading. I plan to get as much out of these next couple months as humanly possible, including traveling around the UK and hopefully other parts of Europe. This prompted me to start a blog titled "Ashley's Adventures Abroad" to showcase my experiences while studying and traveling abroad. I hope to be able to provide helpful tidbits, ranging from packing to grabbing a bite to eat, as well as experience for other individuals, not just students, who are looking to broaden their horizons with trips around the world. If I can't be helpful, I at least hope to provide some amusement for my readers as I attempt to tackle traveling alone for the first time. I can not wait to see where this adventure leads me.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Laozi

  • Work
    • Audio Visual Technician at UMass Dartmouth
  • Education
    • University of Massac
    • Unity College
    • University of Reading