Eric Vanderwouden


Eric Vanderwoudenwas born December 23rd 1996. From a young age, Eric has been a huge fan of video games as well asfilmmaking. Eric tends to not let other peoples opinions stop him from doingwhat he loves most; entertaining. Whether this is through gaming, performing,or just making a public scene, it’s all he cares about.

Films/ School Performances

The First Film Eric shot was a small assignment for his 8thGraduation Class, since that day, he has fallen in love with filmmaking andperforming. Eric comes across to many as a comedian and he loves to make peoplelaugh, however, despite his talent for comedic acting, he much prefers towrite, as well as take on serious roles. Aside from his 10th Gradehorror Parody titled: “Snow Day” Eric has only ever written serious scripts,such as “Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv” and “What One can Cause”. His high schoolTeachers and Friends know him for his roles as “Iago” from Shakespeare’s“Othello” and “David” from his student film “Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv”.Though he personally thinks a lot of what he writes is bad, he keeps writingand performing because it is simply what he loves to do.

Gaming Life

Eric was introduced to Gaming at the age of two. His Grandma hadfound her old Nintendo and gave it to him along with “Super Mario Bros. 3”.Eric was immediately addicted and would play nearly from the moment he woke upto the moment he went to bed. Mario 3 became his life. This was until he wasintroduced to some of the other games the classic Nintendo had to offer, suchas “The Legend of Zelda” and “Castlevania”. His parents, of course, we’reconcerned with his addiction to video games, but this didn’t stop him. From1998 – 2007 Eric favored Nintendo, buying each new console that released(Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii) and he was considered, among his friends, to bethe most Hardcore Mario gamer they had ever seen. It wasn’t until mid- 2008that Eric was introduced to the PlayStation 3 where he played “Call of Duty:World at War”. His new addiction had becoming the zombie’s mode in the game.Since that day, Eric has continued to play an excessive amount of Nintendo, butalso expanded his gaming to the PlayStation and Xbox Consoles. Gaming is a partof Eric’s life that he will continue until the day he dies.


Erictakes his self proclaimed “Terrible Scripts” and Gaming addiction, and attemptsto use them as inspirations for people who are afraid of being judged for doingwhat they love to do. People may disagree with a Gaming addiction, or t