Amar Parmar

In today’s hyper-competitive markets, few businesses know why they exist. However the ones that have discovered their reason to exist, stay true to their purpose (e.g Apple. See Simon Sinek's TED Video). By doing so, they stay relevant, fluid and entrepreneurial. Achieving this goal is not have to stick to your core values while staying current with your customers at all times. Talk to your customers, learn from them and solve their problems. After you have done that, go back and do it over and over again. Once you have discovered your customer’s needs, you need a way to create value not only for your shareholders but also for your customers, employees and vendors. This collaborative nature of doing business can be a major competitive advantage for you and everyone in your ecosystem. As a manager, he lives by these basic principles - discover your reason to exist and create value for all stakeholders.

Amar lives with his wife in the San Francisco Bay Area. He enjoys running, wine tasting and is in search for the perfect pizza.

"Profits are to business as breathing is to life. Breathing is essential to life, but is not the purpose for living. Similarly, profits are essential for the existence of the corporation, but they are not the reason for its existence" – Dennis Bakke