Aparna Yadav

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

I am simple little girl. I love talking, knowing people, it is my habit. I am dreami all the time but i also try hard to fullfil my dreams. I am not that much self motivated as my peers in IIT kanpur but when i decide something, i can force sun to shine in night :P

Nobody can understand me because in 20 years of journey of my life, i never came across a moment where i can say "i started understanding my decision, my gestures or anything about myself."

when i describe myself only negative words comes in my my mind but in a positive way .
Stubborn to forget the dream i saw last night
Foolish to believe that there is nothing in th world that i can't do (if i believe in myself )
Dilettante i believe in doing things for fun rather than purpose
Greedy when it comes to love and affectation
Sometime virago when it comes on self esteem

now , i also don't know why i am writing here :P

  • Education
    • Bansal Classes Pvt Ltd, Kota
    • IIT Kanpur