Alfie Parthum

Centreville, VA, USA

Nominally a computer scientist by day (and certainly a student in the field), I dabble in the many interests that I have had the privilege of attempting by night. Among these are video gaming, music, illustration, the Japanese language, the written word, and many other such crafts and hobbies. You could say I rather enjoy the act of creation, and that I see the value in both breadth and depth.

The astute observer may notice that a number of my listed hobbies are at least tangentially related to video game development. In fact, making video games I could call my own has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. I would settle for something closely related, but ultimately, that is what drives me. I even dream of that chance that something I make will make a real difference, changing the world for the better, or at least inspiring people greater than myself.

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    • Student
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    • George Mason University