Apartmani Dalila

Tourist facility ,,Dalila "is one the most beautiful and best equipped in this part of ,,Great Beach”. Relationship of host and staff with guests has traditionally been good, so that every guest who comes here once wants to come back. With all its entire offering is dedicated to the guests and we exist here for you. We are located in the central part of Velika Plaža-Long Beach . Responsible an competent tourist workers , reasonable compared Velika Plaža-Long Beach with those from Brazil and Mexico. Large beach is a 10 year holder of the blue flags ( the most safety ) of which 7 in a row, with swimming beaches, sports grounds for beach volleyball, beach umbrellas, deck chairs, bulletin boards, accessories for children, access paths, beach bars and toilets. Distance beaches called Noki & Bonita and Copacabana are away 850 feet, 15-minute walk, or 5 minutes by car for which you have free parking at any time of day.