Ashish Patil

Philadelphia, PA

Hi, I'm Ashish and i'm passionate about creating great, impactful things. I'm at Penn studying in a management of technology program betwen The Wharton School and Penn Engineering.

Im an entrepreneur -- something I realized growing up in Philly that I truly want to do. However, no one really knows when to embark on that journey. I started my medical device company, Medivity, after not getting a job upon graduating from Georgia Tech.

Also, i'm a natural UX designer -- i've designed medical devices, hospital operations, and now digital products. It's such an exciting process where my creativity can unlock major areas of value. I freelance as a UX designer and help in the areas of business strategy, user-research, and information architecture.

I love meeting new people and talking startup stuff. Also, I play pickup bball and watch football (Eagles). Happy to connect!

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • The Wharton School
    • The School of Engineering and Applied Science
    • Georgia Tech