Andrew Butler

United States

As a life-long enthusiast of live entertainment with extensive experience in the field, I am always on the search for new and exciting avenues to continue sharing an artistic vision with others.

Having spent a majority of my career as a multi-faceted audio professional with an array of key roles and responsibilities in various venues around the world, I am well-accustomed to utilizing my experience, time and resources to ensure a consistently pleasing production that suits both clients and their audiences. As an engineer positioned primarily at FOH, my natural leadership qualities and overall execution of production strategies have proven paramount to my continued growth and success in the field.

Driven by a desire to help turn creative visions into live realities, I am dedicated to turning every perceived production challenge into an opportunity to present unique solutions. This optimistic and solution-oriented approach to my work allows me to better perceive the needs of others while simultaneously discovering new ways of mitigating foreseeable issues/errors across various entertainment platforms.

I tend to thrive as one member of a larger team focused on a similar goal. It is in working with a team that I truly flourish through the spread of ideas, converging of concepts, and a true understanding of of my role and its importance to the broader objective.

I look forward to joining a team that takes pride in quality work and shares in my passion for fostering authentic artistic visions and bringing them to life.
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Music Business
    • Illinois State University