Pradeepa Rao

Entrepreneur in Mumbai, India

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An avid animal lover, day & night. In search of her destiny. Was in the throes of the corporate world with over 5 years spent in 2 stints at Banks of international reputation.

Romances words. Dates books, humour & music. Hates anything/anyone that puts on a fake show. Dreams of being the owner of a huge animal shelter and a home full of books.

Vegetarian by choice. Bakes when bored. Writes when mind suffers from diarrhoea of thoughts. Photographs when subject seems irresistible.

Scared to leave the world without having learnt to play the piano and at least one dance form.

Visited 11 countries so far, countless more on the list. A biking trip would be the icing on the cake.

  • Education
    • Bachelor
    • English Language and Literature
    • Psychology
    • Mba Marketing