Ayelet HaShachar Penrod

Digital Marketer, Wife, and Mother in Israel

Hey! I'm Ayelet HaShachar (pronounced: i-yell-it ha-sha-khar - I know. It's tricky...)

Proud Texan by birth, proud Israeli by choice, I am a Digital Marketer who is enjoying life with my family in Israel after immigrating from Texas in 2015.

Helping people and being part of something that is bigger than myself is a major factor in choosing past and current jobs - if you’ve got a project or position involving marketing, read on!

What is my experience as a digital marketer?

I’ve currently worked 3 years in online marketing that includes:

- Account Manager at a small digital marketing agency working with small and medium-sized businesses in B2B and B2C

- Digital Marketing Manager for a medium-sized SaaS startup (Israel is the #startupnation, afterall) targeting the Venture Capital, Private Equity and Angel Investor verticals

- Freelancer for a growing virtual assistant company, a life coach and a professional therapist

What relevant skills do I possess?

- Social media manager for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube utilizing platforms such as SproutSocial and Canva

- Content writer for blogs, ads, emails, product demo scripts, landing pages, webinar, sales pages, and more in WordPress and Unbounce. Repurposed existing content in micro-content such as templates and infographics. Currently pursuing Hubspot certification for Content Marketing.

- Website optimizationvia SEO best practices, Google Analytics, Sumo tools, SEMRush

- PPC manager for GoogleAds, Facebook, LinkedIn and Quora

So there ya have it - my skills in a nutshell. If you want to see my CV in full just contact me via one of the options below.

Ironic note: while I majored in Mass Communications in college, one class I wasn't too keen on happened to be Marketing. I felt it was too manipulative.

Now that I’ve gained a bit more mileage in life (ahem) and was introduced to the many-varied nuances in digital marketing, I have learned that when there is a service or product that truly benefits others, I am more than excited to do my best in helping that person/business get the word out and increase their visibility in the best ways I know how.

So, like many things in life, it all depends on how one chooses to use it.

Currently, I'm available for freelance while pursuing a Full Time marketing position. So if you have a job you'd like to discuss feel free to contact me.

  • Education
    • Angelo State University