Jessica Sky

Artist, Mother, and Hair Stylist in Los Angeles, California

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Behind my smile is a story most would never believe and few could ever understand....

I knew my innocence was lost when I realized I didn't fear the darkness surrounding me.....instead I began to fear the darkness I discovered hiding within me. The only way I could heal myself was by becoming friends with my nightmares. So I did, and my demons became my best teachers.

Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let it heal. Let it go.

Now moving on, I am building myself a new life;

Looking for new and different experiences, helping to motivate and better the lives of others, and aiming to deepen all human experiences. I'd like to be a voice for all voiceless, and wish to empower the powerless.

I hope to make an impact that will guide current and future generations away from the insatiable hunger for materialistic status and wealth. I also hope that by sharing my own personal struggles and pains and how I was able to overcome and heal and take positive lessons from every negative experience....that it might inspire peoplse to keep trying, no matter how difficult life may get at times and or how badly they might want to give up. We all go through hard times, no one should ever need to feel alone or misunderstood or invisible in this world because there will always be someone, somewhere, who understands and can relate.

I enjoy the challenge and creative freedom in using the cause or 'root' of a problem, to solve the same and other existing problems. Inspiring others to think positively and to reach out compassionately and selflessly.Reminding those I reach, to love the unlovable with a greater love and to practice random acts of kindness daily in hope that others will see and imitate.

I don't believe that happiness is always an individual matter; I do believe that love and compassion are the foundations of morality.

We are all here to create and to love; Nothing could ever end love, but we can work together toward ending hate, greed, and suffering.