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Apex Bail Bonds is a Danville bail bondsman and bail bonds service located within feet of the Danville City Jail. Our bail bonds service is headquartered at 509 Loyal St., Danville, VA 24541. Apex provides the only bail bondsman near you licensed in both VA and NC. Our affordable bail bondsman offer bail bond financing and payment plans in addition to convenient locations throughout the region. Our bail bondsmen serve Danville, Martinsville, Chatham, Henry County, and Pittsylvania County. Our bail bondsmen also serve Yanceyville, NC, Caswell County, Wentworth, NC, and Rockingham County, NC. Apex Bail Bonds in Danville provides affordable bail bondsmen and bail bond services to clients throughout Virginia and North Carolina. At Apex Bail Bonds, we provide the fastest service and the lowest rates possible on Danville bail bonds near me. Our convenient Danville, VA bail agency is staffed with bail bondsmen open now ready to serve you. Apex Bail Bonds has bail bondsmen in Chatham, Pittsylvania County, Blairs, Kentuck, Keeling, Cascade, and all of the surrounding area. As the largest bail bonds service nearby, Apex Bail Bonds also serves Yanceyville, NC and Caswell County, NC through our Danville bondsmen.

When choosing an affordable bail bondsman or bail bonding agency, you will want to take into consideration the bail bond rates offered and the ease of doing business with that company. Apex Bail Bonds offers the lowest rates available, making it the most affordable bail bonds service in Virginia or North Carolina. Additionally, Apex Bail Bonds provides multiple financing options, including payment plans, credit cards, and even car titles! We make bail fast and simple. All you do is sign; we do the rest!

Apex Bail Bonds can handle misdemeanor bonds, felony bonds, drug bonds, DUI bonds, domestic assault bonds, and even failure to appear bonds (or FTA bonds). Our bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer your questions about posting bail and are dedicated in getting your loved one out of jail!

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Apex Bail Bonds

Address: 509 Loyal St., Danville, VA 24541, USA

Phone: 434-548-2739

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