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Port Glasgow

We are a recruitment/business start-up organization, web site design team.
We specialize in Advertising, Promotions, Networking, Online business apps, public relations, Traffic Optimization, Online business marketing,
Marketing, recruitment, apps, widgets, website design, facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Advertising, Promotions, Networking, business, public relations, , facebook, twitter, wix, Linkedin, pinterest, flikr, instagram, SEO, Analytics, gadgets, technology, sciences & much more related to the business sector. Follow our twitter, facebook & all other social media outlets to go straight on our site's!

Self-employed as Website designer, Recruiting agent, Business start-up advisor, Maths tutoring online & basic Book-keeping. I run several non-profit Business start-up & recruiting site’s, social media sites, Educational sites. With over 100 verified affiliates & partners while building a client list of successful start-ups in the business sector. Also expanding my construction trade skills/knowledge when I can. Any earnings are placed back into funding my non-profit businesses.

Environmental Geology Events Co-leader, Environmental Science's Advocate, Astronomy, Chess Club, Business Studies, Modern Studies, Economics.

Having worked in the construction trade since leaving school, hard graft for very little pay while agencies reaped the rewards. When seeing how little the sector valued honest, hard working people. We decided to start our own recruiting agency that would never profit more than the recruit. However, this snowballed and we now have a Marketing team, business start-up team, Our partner's at Apex Evolution Plus ( which is still in the development stages) Are building an SEO team along with our Multi-service's department so as to bring the very best online services to any small business for an extremely reasonable price. Handling all the day to day paperwork

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