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INTRO: there are a few things you must know before following me. my birthname is arianna but i prefer the name kenny, though if you call me arianna it wont upset me. im also female. i am homosexual biromantic, and taken. im 15 years old (born 8/8/01) so im a minor. i would love for you to please tag the things that set me off if you post them, which are pretty much just animal crulety of any kind, space/UFOs, and real spiders.

i am also Laveyan Satanist and anti religious. if you dont know what a laveyan satanist means, look it up before starting anything please.

a way to contact me other than instagram is my kik which is cringesin.

music intrests: i am a metalhead. my favorite genres are black metal, heavy metal, and death metal. i also like alternative rock and i usually listen to 80s/90s stuff in those spectrums. if you want to know about my favorite bands you can DM me!!

important people to me: @necrowobutcher and @owohlin are my QPPs. i love them very much so please dont follow if you have an issue with them. also Euronymous from Mayhem is very important to me for personal reasons so do not follow me if you hate him.


- KINS!! please dont follow me if you share these kins OR are anti kin of any kind!

more than kins/IDS (100% me!!)

🌸 kenny (south park)

🌸 nathan explosion

🌸 junko/monokuma (danganronpa)

🌸 yohane (LoveLive)

🌸 deadpool

🌸 bender (futurama)

🌸 warden (superjail!)

🌸 aph romano

🌸 trevor (GTA V)

(DO NOT FOLLOW if you associate with anyone who share my main kins or identify as them!! [[and dont follow if kin with pickles the drummer or toki wartooth, they are my QPPs major kins. ]])

fact kins:

💣 Euronymous

secondary kins?? (ask to follow)

🌿 fuyuhiko (sdr2)

🌿 sock ( welcome to hell )

🌿 bill cipher

🌿 harley quinn

🌿 greg (SU)

🌿 aph prussia

primary kins (okay to follow)

💫 seth (metalocalypse)

💫 marciline (adventure time)

💫 stocking

💫 leela (futurama)

💫 komaeda (sdr2)

💫 peridot

💫 nepeta

💫 centipeedle (steven universe)


💧 goatkin

💧 satankin

💧 mangokin

SHIPS: i have many ships, i ship characters of any sexuality and gender, but i do NOT support relationships of incest, beastiality/sexual furries, adult x minor/shota, or unconsentual abuse.