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♡🎀 INTRO: there are a few things you must know before following me. my birthname is arianna but i prefer to be called lovino or my other kins! though if you call me arianna it wont upset me. im also female. i am homosexual biromantic, and taken. im 15 and born august 8th. i would love for you to please tag the things that set me off if you post them, which are pretty much just animal crulety of any kind, real UFOs, and real spiders. also in posts, please tag me as my kins and knuckles.

♡🌿VEGISM🌿 i am very very passionate about animals and have a deep love for them i value more than humans. DO NOT follow me if you are anything to do with anti vegan/vegetarian or animal rights. I avoid meat and dairy products and im also very anti animal fur/skin. dont think about talking to me if you dont care about animals.

♡ ⛧ i am also Laveyan Satanist and very anti religious. if you dont know what a laveyan satanist means, look it up before starting anything please.

♡ *CONDITIONS* - i have been medically diagnosed with Psychosis, OCD, GAD, major depression, and take medication for it. Dont follow if you have a problem with me venting sometimes.

♡💥WARNING i am a very vulgar person who barely uses a filter so dont follow if you are sensitive to offensive humour (example, suicide/death or sex/racist jokes). also a warning im very anti SJW. if you want me to not joke about something thats personal to you then just tell me!!

SERIES I DISLIKE: undertale, yuri on ice, killing stalking, free, osumasu-san, dragon ball z, one punch man, and overwatch. please dont follow if you obsess over those oh my god


- KINS!! please dont follow me if you share these kins OR know anybody who does! i dont accept doubles.

important kins/IDS (100% me!!)

🌸 kenny (south park)

🌸 nathan explosion

🌸 monokuma/mastermind, komaeda, fuyuhiko, ryoto (danganronpa)

🌸 yohane and nico (LoveLive)

🌸 deadpool

🌸 bender (futurama)

🌸 warden (superjail!)

🌸 aph romano

🌸 trevor (GTA V)

🌸 majora (zelda)

🌸 revali (botw)

🌸 greg n peridot (su)

🌸 scourge, shadow n manic (sonic)

🌸 sailor jupiter

🌸 grell

🌸 tamaki (OHSHC)

🌸 hatsune miku

i am also:


factkin: euronymous




to be accepted DM a pic of one of my kins and your fav heart emoji!