benny blue chu

Hello my name is Benny! But if you want, or if you know me in real life, you can call me Jordan. I sort of prefer Benny but it's all up to you. I would reaaallly like if you read this before following me.

I'm mostly into Hetalia and Steven Universe, but I also like Homestuck, Free!, Gravity Falls, WWB, and a whole lot of other shit.

I'm a girl who goes by she/her/they/them pronouns I ain't too picky.

Please don't bother to follow me if you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, or just rude in general, but since you're talking the time to read this, I don't think you are aha.

Also, just a warning, I post a lot when I'm online. Honestly, I try not to, but I really can't stop myself. I'm all in all an annoying person so follow at your own risk.

And please, don't feel like you're annoying me when you comment. Even when someone just comments an emoji I get happy. ❤

Also never be afraid to tag me in anything! I prefer to be tagged as Italy, Nyo!Italy, Garnet, Sugilite, and Dave but honestly you can tag me as anyone you'd like 😌

If you read this all then thank you! 🙏✨ You earn utter respect from yours truly

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