Alec Lightwood

Hi! I'm Alec but you can call me by any of my kins names!!! (Specifically Elizabeta, Kiba, Umi, or Marco/Marcie)

I'm 14 years old and a freshman. I'm questioning my gender right now but I'm thinking I might be genderfluid. I'm gray a and Panromantic.

I have severe stranger and social anxiety and teypophobia. I'm also a hypochondriac!! (I think I might have adhd but I'm not sure)

I am a highly sarcastic person with a dark and offensive sense of humor. If stuff like this will upset you plz don't follow!!

I'm an atheist but I was born into a Catholic family. I respect your religion and beliefs 110% but if you are Catholic/Christian and you get offended easily you shouldn't follow. I may make rude jokes or vent about my issues with the religion and I don't want anyone to feel upset. There's a reason this is my spam/vent account!!

I'm the mom friend!! You can always talk to me if you need advice!!


List of things I'm interested in currently from most to least

Hetalia -- The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters -- The Infernal Devices -- Phan/YouTube -- The Voice --Adam Levine/ Maroon 5 -- Love Live -- Psychology -- Panic! at the Disco -- ❤️❤️


My lovely girlfriend is Caroline (@/the_hale_house) and I love her very very much 💖 My qpp is Felicia (@/agender.cosplays) and I love her too!! If you have a problem with either of these two don't follow!


Don't follow if you

-are racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic

-believe in reverse racism, cisphobia, or heterophobia, reverse sexism

-are anti fictionkin or otherkin

-won't recognize me as my kin,

-won't tag me as me (Hungary) or my kins

-are hate following me


DO NOT under any circumstances share my posts with anyone you will be softblocked (with warning)!! Especially if am am venting or being vague!!


Click on the link down below to see mine and my friends kins!! 😘❤️


please DM me "rainbows are for everything" so I know you read this!