Feliciano Vargas

I'm Feliciano Vargas / APH Italy / Veneziano!

please call me Felicano, Feli, Veneziano or Italy^^

or if you're from any of my kinverses call me the name of that ID!^^

Genderfluid, Pansexual, He/They

I'm fictionkin and otherkin! Click the link below this too see my IDs/kins, my kintypes and my mutals/friends' kins!

Please don't follow me if you:

*will not see me as APH Italy/Or any of my IDs

*If you interact with anyone who claims to be any of my IDs

If we share any of my kins! (even synpaths)

*if you’re:sexist/pedophilic/transphobic/racist/homophobic and all that

if you're against fictionkin and otherkin

if you won't try to interact with me/like my posts

if you won't let me follow you back

if you take things way to seriously

if you will get pissy if I block/unblock you

* if you share any of my friends kins

I can only tag specific stuff in the captions because of the update but if possible please tag:

prison, drugs, abuse/animal abuse, police.

My interests are hetalia, love live!, tmnt, kill la kill, corpse party, steven universe, life is strange, dangan ronpa, sailormoon, Ger/Ita and and afew more things.

Please tag me as the characters on #italystaglist

Venus (uenvs) is my adorable lil datemate which I love more than anything!!

I really enjoy making friends! so please don't feel scared to talk to me.

Theres no need to DM me to follow though DM me saying "(synpath kin name) succ me" so I know you read though my about and my kinpage, but I may leave your request lying around for awhile so I might not accept you right away.