temporary byf

ok hello i'm lovino and i go by they/he pronouns

sorry my tumblr is kinda down and i dont have a way to access it so i had to make one of these

anyways i dont care what pronouns you use but they/he is preferred

umm i have a few id's and you can follow if you arent kin but if you hate it/will be mean to me about it then dont follow

aph romano / south italy - hetalia: this is my identity.

main id's (dont follow)

kouha ren - magi

tori himemiya - ensemble stars

yu nishinoya - haikyuu


primary id's (you can follow but i probably will not see you/tag you as them)

fuyuhiko kuzuryu - sdr2

maki nishikino - love live

ayano sugiura - yuru yuri

ririchiyo shirakiin - inu x boku ss (dont follow sorry)

nonon jakuzure - kill la kill

kirie motoba - himouto! umaru chan


secondary id's (you can follow and i'll see you as/tag you as them)

ichimatsu osomatsu - osomatsu san

killua zoldyck - hunter x hunter


also naoto shirogane from persona 4 is a coping kin for me but i dont see her as "me" so if you happen to be her you can follow me.


okay uhhh my best friend is lauren @nyapasu and my df is antonio @aphtoni if you dislike either of them dont follow me

also im good friends with alfred @aph.alfred and feliciano @kyoukotoshinou so if you dislike them dont follow.

umm these are just the most important of my friends id's and i'll read your byf so if you happen to id with anymore not mentioned here i will decline your rec to save people from feeling invalid

aph america

aph spain

aph finland

aph germany

aph veneziano

honoka kosaka

umi sonoda

rin hoshizora

eli ayase

dipper pines

kurapika kurta

oikawa tooru

hinata shoyo

takane enemoto






ummm thats all of the top of my head for right now but ya!!!! dm me a picture of gon freecss to be accepted...