Aphrodite Advice

Who run the world? Yeh, yeh, yeh. Girls rule, boys drool, etc. We've heard them all. And while I'm pertaining to a bra burning, women's rights activist, I am very proud of where those brave babes have gotten us to today... BUT I'm also going to say something that is still (STILL!) considered taboo:

I love to fuck.

And I LOVE the power that sex allows me to have over men.

Aphrodite Advice is a consultation service that enables you to achieve your sexual goals and learn a few tips and tricks along the way.

So whether you want to fuck like a pro; date like a boss; get your text game on fleek; or generally just want to be a horny sex goddess, then get in touch!

After a 30 minute free consultation, I'll provide you with a bespoke 6 point strategy plan to help you to achieve your sexual goals. Boom! As easy as riding an, umm, cock!