who am i bc I don't know

who am i bc I don't know

Hiii! So yes, the frenchiest fry shall go down an important list for you to know me!

first things first.

fandoms:Shingeki No Kyojin ,Hetalia ,Homestuck ,Love Live School Idol Project ,Warriors Steven Universe ,Maximum Ride

now, kins. look it up if you don't know what that is.


Jasper ( su )Nudge ( maxiumum ride )sealand ( Aph )seychelles (Aph ) Rin hoshizora ( love live )Jade harley ( homestuck )Marco Bodt ( SNK )Sasha Blouse ( SNK ) Graystripe ( Warrior Cats ) Sandgorse ( Warrior Cats )

since that's out of the way, lets get to the basics.

im @spookyseychelles, a hetalia account and roleplayer who enjoys making sexual innuendoes. I do curse like a sailor but i don't bite so please don't be spooked by my extroverted personality. I am, indeed, a ( zodiac ) Leo. I spam at times and fucking OWN people in the pokemon card battles ( fucking fight me m8 ).

if you do consider following me do NOT do the following please:

make racist or offensive jokes.call anybody I love or myself anything harmful.or spam me when i am not spamming!

if you do not do the listed above, ill see you in my request box!