abi/kinname <3

hi my name is abi/kin ! I'm 13 years old and bisexual. I am in a relationship with @_yaoitrash_ and shes really cute ! I prefer she/her pronouns only please.
I have lots of diagnosed illnesses. Depression, anxiety, adhd , etc.

Ok so here are my kins!
Please don't follow if you are kin with any of mine !

This category is kins that are 100% me not even a kin
* Marco Bodt Attack On Titan
* Max Life is Strange
*Izumi Sena Love stage

Main kins !!
* Yuno from Future Diary
* Sasha from AOT
* Kaoru from OHC

Secondary Kins !!
* Eren from AOT

Synpaths !
*Mikasa from AOT

After reading please dm me the phrase "Jeanmarco !!"