I wonder at my intentions. To me, they are elusive as the truth in a rumor. What I have managed to nail down is this: I like the relationships that words have and worlds; to each other and to us.
I want to become a teacher of the Old Ways, so you are sure to get a glimpse of my path.
And I believe in the rights to start a sentence with the words "and" and "because", use too many commas, and stand up for the things important to my heart....many opinions are welcome, no judgments!!
I am a Witch, poetess, wife to a wife, treehugger and many other things which I will save for a post! Most important is my belief in freedom...to practice the religion of your choice, marry the person of your choice- regardless of gender...Simply, to be free to choose your path and travel it wearing whatever you desire.

Please don't ever hesitate to comment. Interaction with you, relating to your experiences is the whole point of blogging instead of scribbling my ideas in a journal with a tiny lock in it. Engage me!