Seoul, South Korea

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Jung Eun Ji

Birthday: 18.08.1993

Height: 164cm

Weight: 47kg

Position: Main Vocals

Blood Type: B

Official Twitter: Twitter.com/Apinkjej

Motto: “Let’s have a mind like a rose.”

(let’s be sharp like the thorns and be open like the bud)

Jun Eun-ji was revealed through a video released by A Cube’s twitter. The video featured Eun ji singing her own rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Love You I Do,’ showing her impressive vocals.

Jung Eunji, whose real name is jung hyerim, was born in Busan. . Jung Eun ji mentions that she had troubles adapting to the Seoul dialect; her Busan accent still made her stand out.She has one younger brother named Jung Minki. Her nicknames include hyerim and happy virus. She studied in Hapdo for kindergarten, Shinjae for elementary school, Jaeson girl’s middle school for middle school and for high school, she attended hyehwa girls’ high school. She opted to stay in her old high school which is located in Busan. Because of this she had to go back and forth from Seoul to Busan for her studies.

She is the main vocalist of A Pink. Eunji enjoys playing the piano and thinking about music video concepts. She describes herself as an optimistic and bright type of person. Her favorite meals include meat, and basically anything that her mother makes. She loved the movies Bruce Almighty. Her favorite colors are blue, green and red while her favorite number is 25. Her bad habits include habitual singing out of the blue, waking up late and acting slow at times. These bad habits of hers sometimes gets her into trouble.

Eun ji’s role model is Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce. She admires both singers especially during their performace in Dream Girls. She also shares that her ideal type is a man with no double eyelids, has a straight nose and a man with a nice face expression when he smiles. She also shares that she is a big fan of MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Mir and F.Cuz’s Yejun.

Eun ji originally planned on becoming a vocal trainer instead of a singer but due to her amazing talent, she was blessed with the opportunity to debut with A Pink. As soon as she auditioned, she was selected as the main vocalist of the group and only had to train for 6 months. Despite being the best in vocals, she is actually the worst in dancing and messes up a lot during practices. Because of this, Eun ji practices harder

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