Oh Hayoung

Seoul, South Korea.

Oh Hayoung

Seoul, South Korea.


Full name: Oh Hayoung (오하영)

Stage name: Hayoung (하영)

Nickname(s): Indian princess, Psychic

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea.

Date of Birth: July 19, 1996

Education: Wonhyung Kindergarten - Shinwol Elementary School - Seoul Arts High School.

Height: 167cm

Blood type: B

Weight: 46kg

Hobbies: Ribbon craft, Cross stitching, Skill stitching, Sports, Giving nicknames to others.

Personality: Caring, Active, Generous, Shy.

Position(s): Youngest, Vocalist, Rapper.

Sibling(s): -

Role Model(s): Lee Hyori.

Favourite Meal(s): Tteokbokki

Favourite Colour(s): Yellow, Black.

Favourite Numbers(s): 5, 7

Favourite Movies: Comedy, Family.

Ideal type: Manner man with a pretty smile.

Twitter: Apinkohy

Wagle: apinkohy


She is often mistaken as the group’s leader due to her old physical appearance and because of this, she also owns the nickname “The Old Looking Indian Maknae”

She can split an apple by only use her bare hands.

She is very good at guessing to the point of receiving the nickname "The Indian Psychic".

She is INFINITE Sunggyu ideal type.

The BEAST member that she’s closest to is Dongwoon some fans even call them “The Old Looking Foreign Maknae Siblings”.

  • Work
    • A CUBE Entertainment
  • Education
    • Seoul Arts High School