Samia Saleem

Los Angeles

Samia Saleem, by way of New York, resides in Los Angeles with the thrill of an endless summer after having her fair share of treacherous winters. She is a User Experience Designer with a focus on doing work for start-ups from bootstrapping no-namers to well-established accelerator and investment-backed companies. She has worked for outfits such as Cuban Council, TechStars NYC, Moveline, Tonx now BlueBottle, Sesame Street and Fiverr to name a few. In a previous life, Samia’s work consisted of highly visual interactive design and motion graphic work at various design and ad agencies, including running her own design studio and co-founding a social-mapping based start-up. An entrepreneur at heart, Samia currently finds herself happy in Los Angeles for a needed change of creative lifestyle in a new environment although she still loves and misses the hustles and bustles of her beloved, New York City.