A Plus Reporting Service

Secretaries and Court Reporters in Wallingford, Connecticut

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Address: 111 Cook Hill Rd,Wallingford, CT 06492, United States

Web: http://www.aplusreportingservice.com

Phone: 203-269-9976

Catagory: Court Reporting, Court Reporting Services, Secretaries and Court


"When it comes to complex legal language, every detail counts. Accurate court

reporting ensures nothing gets lost in translation—and every “i” is dotted and

“t” is crossed in your records. When you need a one-stop-shop for reliable court

reporting, look to A Plus Reporting Services. Located in Wallingford, CT, these

professionals have a “go anywhere” attitude and can serve you when and where

they're needed. They serve all of Connecticut and the United States.

A Plus Reporting Services can take care of an array of court reporting tasks

including transcription, shorthand reporting, and video depositions. Whether you

need a shorthand reporter for an arbitration hearing or a transcriptionist for a

deposition, they'll have the appropriate professional on hand to help. For your

convenience, their clients enjoy 24-hour access to an online repository that

includes invoices, transcripts, and exhibits.

An independently owned and operated business, A Plus Reporting Services is

dedicated to getting to know their clients personally. This allows them to

anticipate your needs, so that they don't just meet but exceed your expectations.

To ensure the best quality work possible, they also make every effort to appoint

reporters who are familiar with cases to follow them from start to finish.

If you are in need of court reporting services anywhere in the United States, you

can look to A Plus Reporting Services. Visit their website to find out more about

their offering. You can also call their Wallingford, CT, headquarters at (203) 269

-9976 with any questions you may have."