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Annie Pocklington

Pullman, WA

Annie Pocklington

Pullman, WA

What do you want to be when you "grow up" and why?

A: Right now I have my eyes set on pursuing a Masters in Public Administration! I love helping people, inspiring cause and thinking outside of the box, so my long term professional goal is to found a Global alternative education system. I like to think of my future "work" as a place to invest my passions for years to come, so wherever I end up, I know I'll be leading, loving and learning for the sake of others.

What advice do you have for new students?

A: Empower yourself! Get involved and take advantage of the years you have at WSU! Not only are there tons of academic resources but also a crazy amount of extracurricular opportunities. Becoming both an active member and leader in the Cougar Community was the best decision I made as a student! Time is of the essence - don't let yourself regret not doing (or at least trying) ALL the things that interest you here at Washington State (:

What advice do you have for new Cougar parents?

A: Give your student some wiggle room when it comes to transitioning and checking in. It's a weird and busy time for students that often results in bad communication. Set expectations if you need to, but expect turbulance and approach with an understanding mindset.

What is your fondest memory of WSU thus far?

A: Applecup 2012, hands down. Not only were we victorious, but I was a freshman at my first Applecup EVER in Pullman. Rushing the field was overwhelmingly exciting!

Favorite Movie: The Godfather Part 2.. though I love the 1st Godfather and Scarface almost equally as much.

Favorite Artist: Jay Z. 'Cause he's truly an American Gangster.

Favorite Food: Clam chowder and chocolate, preferably not together.

Favorite Book: A Theology of Liberation by Gustavo Guitierrez.

Involvement: ASWSU & Greek Life... GET INVOLVED!

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