Sonia Apodaca-Harms

Project Manager, Social Media Manager, and Small Business Owner in Tucson, Arizona

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I'm a constantly brainstorming forty-something with too many ideas and not enough time! A native of Southern Arizona, I'm almost acclimated to the heat and would probably not do so well in snowy locales. In general, I enjoy a daily Dr. Pepper, pizza (not daily), and homemade New Mexico style tortillas with melted butter. Non-food interests include movies, roller skating, and shiny objects.

I've spent my adult years in a few different industries including film/entertainment (production and development), personal finance (residential mortgage), event (planning and management), and marketing (strategy, planning and social media). I know a little about a lot of things, and of course, lots about some. Not a huge network TV watcher, I like to indulge in NPR, TED talks, podcasts covering many subjects, quirky films found on Netflix, and biz magazines. This is how I acquire my "little about a lot" repertoire.

My day job involves marketing direction and project management for an event lead generation and measurement company. This includes survey creation and administration, website development and maintenance, social media management and data processing.

Because I like to keep myself too busy, one of my avocations constitutes marketing strategy and social media management for creatives (i.e. artists and the like), small businesses, and small non-profits (i.e. the myriad of school parent associations on which boards I serve).

I also still fan the flame of a handcrafted jewelry and functional goods endeavor that shall rise again like a phoenix once I get a little more time appropriated to it. All in good time, my friend.

If you care about degrees, I have a BS in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and a PhD in adulting from the University of Getting Stuff Done.

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