Livioli ☔️

Livioli ☔️

I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing with this page, but I decided to make this anyways.

My name is Livia! I'm a 15 yr old from the United States! (she/her).

I may post a lot about llsif, but I like other things such as: Ace Attorney (Apollo Justice!!!!), Space Dandy, Duck Hunt, and many other videogames (more nintendo than anything).

I've got like 20 ways to contact me, so if you have a problem or just want to befriend me have at it!!

Instagram(s): waifort, pastakin

Twitter: KKSLlDER (the 'I' is actually an l if you can't tell)

Tumblr: nozomii-tojo (I don't use this as much anymore)

Kik: phoeniixwright

Email: (this is a hybrid of 'livia' and 'cheshire' bc I was a harry styles stan) (I'm also not good with checking this rip)

Skype: weaboo_jones

I'm your resident Umi on magneticmuse! I'm not very good at it yet, but I'll try my best to vocally train (you can contact me above if you have criticisms please do so)

I hope to befriend some more people! If you have any questions of complaints shoot me a message.