Apollo Carmix

The efficiency of concrete handling and mixing equipment has an effect on the progress of a building project and even the final quality of the project. For this reason it is important to consider services from reputable organizations. Apollo Carmix Equipments Private Limited is a company that offers wide range concrete equipment for construction purposes.

The company has officially formed a joint partnership with Carmix, which is a global supplier of the heavy duty equipment.

This joint venture now referred to as ACEPL, will see the company expand in production and supply of the highly demanded concrete mixer with a self loader. The development of ACEPL has been steady and continuous and the company has built a strong reputation in the field of construction. Now with the current joint venture, sales are targeted to go beyond the borders of India to international markets. The self loading mixers come in two sizes I.e., the 25 FX and the 4 TT. The company now has a wider variety including carmix one, carmix 2.5 TT, Carmix 5.5 XL, the Carmix Dumper D6 and Carmix carsilos.

The company is managed by a very competent team who are focused on delivering quality products and concrete mixing equipments that will deliver value to clients. To enhance awareness to contractors and builders, the company undertakes to host various road show events such as the most recent Karnataka event that proved an eye opener for building contractors.

The variety of innovative equipments from this company is just great and with the company goals set for better service provision, more new innovations are coming up. To get a better understanding of the operations of the company you can make a call directly or fill in the inquiry form online.