Apollo Concepts

Direct Marketing in Las Vegas, Nevada

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After many demands from our client for expansion, Apollo Concepts opened our doors for business in July 2011. Since then, we’ve expanded into 5 new markets. How have we become so successful? There’s a bit of a background to that story. As consumer behavior has shifted, companies shift their focus to online and automatic sales systems. That’s exactly where Apollo Concepts comes in.

We provide Fortune 500 companies with professionally trained sales representatives and do it at a fraction of the cost. How? This two is a two-part answer. First, we save our clients the opportunity cost it takes to find talented and motivated people to work with. Then we save them money in training and developing professionally trained sales gurus. Then we guarantee a return on investment. Basically, for our clients, it becomes a total win.

The Apollo Concepts team is motivated, authentic, and creative. While we use training systems that have been in place for over 20 years, we are constantly improving and tweaking different training methods to fit communication and leadership of today. As a start-up, the Apollo Concepts management team relishes the ability to be hands-on with training all levels of employees and having a huge part in the expansion of each branch. Promotions at Apollo Concepts are granted strictly based on merit and aptitude and officially granted when a leader in our company proves their ability to train and develop others. There is no growth if others aren’t growing.

Apollo Concepts Reviews:

1. New Customer Acquisitions: Apollo Concepts is outsourced by major players in telecommunications, satellite, and retail to help improve name recognition and acquire long-term happy customers.

2. Management Development: Intrinsically, Apollo Concepts trains entry level sales representatives and develops them into leaders in our company and business. Some of these individuals complete our management training program and help our clients expand their market in one of our branches.

3. Customer Winbacks/Retention: For the cases where our team meets with old customers or current customers that have issues with their product/customer service, our team helps remedy the situation and find the best possible solution to benefit all parties.

Our collaborative team environment allows us to constantly grow, develop, and change for the better. Over the next 12 months, Apollo Concepts plans to expand into 2 new markets. Click any of the links below to connect with us!