Dr Samuel Madeira

Naturopath Health Clinic in Seattle, Washington

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Address: 100 Wall Street, Seattle, WA, USA 98121

Phone: (206) 779-7747

Website: https://apollohealthclinic.com

Description: Apollo Health Clinic (AHC) is a professional medical clinic created to offer comprehensive health care for adults. Our purpose is help as many people as possible heal and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. We achieve our purpose through complete holistic care with specialties in Anti-Aging Medicine & Pro-Aging Medicine, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Natural Pain Management, and Endocrinology with the use of latest technological advances in Functional Laboratory Analysis for all your Assessments. The mission of our clinic is to enhance your quality of life, and to help you age gracefully by improving your health, vitality, and to improve the length of the your lifespan with the most natural and least invasive medicines.