apollo jones

Student in Los Angeles, California

apollo jones

Student in Los Angeles, California

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hello!! im apollo!! im a 17 year old bisexual demiboy! i like danganronpa, ace attorney, musicals and lots of other stuff!

the only dnfi stuff i have is:

-if you seriously hate cats

-are transphobic/homophobic/racist etc or make those types of jokes reguarly.

-you kin/ID as vincent freeman from GATTACA (thats the only ID my qpp is uncomf with doubles for so!!)

so ye! anyways heres my IDs/Kins and im okay with doubles for all of 'em except really kirumi djdhhs but its more like, i wont give hell if you wont.

IDs (Primary shifts):

apollo justice (ace attorney) (my Core ID)

taiga aisaka (toradora)

kirumi tojo (new danganronpa v3) (not ok with doubles!! sorry, im fine if you know one and all i just rather not)

peko pekoyama (super danganronpa 2) (i would just like to know if youre a double! im cool otherwise)

Takano Miyo (Higurashi When They Cry) ( no doubles! im sorry, im uncomfortable with this kin overall. unless we're friends, please dont bring this up at all.)

primaries kins!

Jumin Han from Mystic Messenger

Moge-ko (Mogeko's Castle)(just. dnfi.)

Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)(dnfi youre a double n not sorry for your actions)

Shinoa Hiiragi (Owari No Seraph/Seraph of the End)

The Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who)*

Austria (Hetalia: Axis Powers)*

Wadanohara (Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea)

Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)

Mami Tomoe (Puella Magi Madoka Magica/Rebellion tbh)


Etihw (The Grey Garden)

Natalie Goodman (Next to Normal)*

Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie in April)

Nagisa Hazuki (Free!)

JJ (Yuri!!! On Ice)*

Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

Sun (Pokemon Sun & Moon)


[🐶]Shiba Inu kin

[🐺]Fox kin


Asriel Dreemurr/Flowey from Undertale


my qpp (@eddieveddder) has these:

Xephos from Shadow of Israphel

Vincent Freeman/Jerome Marrow from GATTACA

and his kins are

Travis Bickle from Taxis Driver

Makoto Tachibana from Free! (he's also my makoto!!)

Rintarou Okabe from Steins;Gate

and also Dragoborn kin from skyrim and Alienkin!


my bf (doesnt have an ig) has these:

main IDs:

kiibo from ndrv3

nagito komaeda from sdr2

kin is:

tona horibe from assassination classroom

eh with doubles for the last two