hi! my name's victoria and self-deprecation is my aesthetic. im a 17 year old loser from nj and i sin on an almost daily basis

taurus | isfj | melancholic | true neutral | asexual

my interests are pretty varied if i do say so myself. im mainly into video games rn and some that i like are fire emblem, ace attorney, the legend of zelda, pokemon, super smash bros, neko atsume, and others. basically any nintendo game is good with me

i havent watched much tv lately but i still love breaking bad. im also kind of into the x files bc im watching the revival series but i plan on watching the original series once school stops kicking my ass tbh

anime shame me all u want but i have two (2) anime that i like now and theyre owari no seraph and osomatsu-san. guren is my fav from ons and ichimatsu is my fav from osomatsu-san so please talk 2 me about them i love them so much

✿ my qpp is vicki (twitter user @aoikiriyas) i love them very very much!!! they mean the world to me ✿

if u ever wanna talk to me 1) god bless ur soul and 2) i'd love to talk to u friend!! i mainly use imessage and line so if u wanna chat feel free to ask me for either of them (only if we're mutuals)