Apollonia Quiros

Student in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I’m a student who has a very strong academic game with a 4.03 GPA. I have been accepted into the National Honors Society because of my stellar grades, service, leadership and character. Throughout my four years of high school I have always received Honor Roll and in many cases High Honors, which is all A's. Growing up as a minority, I understood very young the stereotypes against me and pushed myself to work harder in school. I have taken advanced placement classes such as, AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, Ap Calculus, and AP Biology, to prepare me for the skills I will need in the future. I am also going to take Anatomy in the spring of 2017 at Community College of Philadelphia.

My goal in life is to be a neonatal nurse. I love the feeling of helping someone in need and I would love to start where a human life begins. I am capable in learning these advanced practices these nurses use to provide an comprehensive critical care to infants in the NICU. This type of work appeals to me because of my character. I am a caring, stable, patient, and kind, all of the the things that are needed in this type of field.

Who am I outside of school?

I work in a coffee shop making the most delicious hot beverages. and a key part of being an employee is being hard working, O.D.D (outgoing, detail oriented, and disciplined), passionate, and trustworthy. I enjoy traveling and trying new things. I am a fan of cooking and eating. I love volleyball, which is one of my favorite sports and hobbies. I also enjoy watching movies and spending quality time with my close friends.