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Student in Wales, United Kingdom


Student in Wales, United Kingdom

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- apollo

- he/him or ae/aer pronouns

- unsure about gender; masculine-presenting

- asexual and ???romantic.

- queerplatonic partners with helle @roihuu

- autistic & adhd

- severe depression, borderline personality disorder, generalised anxiety disorder & possible antisocial personality disorder

- special interests include owls, pokemon, and pirates. also stretches to whatever book im reading

- talk to me about gentleman bastard sequence and the raven cycle

- 17 years old

- please tag explicit self-harm/suicide mentions, arachnids (especially spiders), real life gore, abuse and scopophobia (eyes & eyes staring at the camera). ALSO !! VERY IMPORTANT: please tag jojo's bizarre adventure and jasper from steven universe, thanks

- i tag drowning, self-harm/suicide, abuse, and lgtaqphobia. feel free to ask me for more to be tagged

- feel free to ask for my skype, line, number (if you have whatsapp or live in the uk) and whatever else !! im generally open

- please don't vague me, confront me about the issue